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An exciting new series of Snooker and Pool Tournaments, a new concept for Singapore.

The YU BA FANG CLASSIC SERIES 2022 consists of a series of events through the year with major finals play-offs at the end of the year, in both Snooker and Pool: Yu Ba Fang Imperial Snooker Series & Yu Ba Fang Royal Pool Series.


In each discipline, there will be four tournaments spread across the year, with good prize money for each event. All four tournaments will be played over a single weekend, with the final (and semi-final for pool) played on Monday night.

The Snooker series will be Best of 5 frames right through, Pool will be Race to 7  for Qualifying stages (Double Elimination), Race to 8  for Top 16 and Quarters (Single Knockout), Race to 9 for Semis and Final.


Players earn points for their performance in each of the four tournaments. The Top 8 with the most points earned across the four events in each series are then invited to come back at the end of the year and play for more prize money, with the winner being well rewarded.

Special End of Year Bonus tournaments - All first round losers in snooker through the four tournaments, and everyone who loses two matches straight in any of the pool events, are invited to register for a tournament at the end of the year and win prize money.

Added bonus for the Snooker series - the High Break made during the entire series and finals - $1000 - no minimum break to qualify.


Total Prize Pools:
Snooker $16,960
Pool $13,300

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